Thinking of Remodeling?

Thinking of remodeling your home? Here are 6 great tips

 1 -  Don’t Over Improve   Ask a local Realtor for listings of comparable homes so you can determine if it makes sense to invest as much as you plan. This is especially important if you expect to sell in the near future.

2 - Set a Realistic Budget Include a cushion for unforeseen expenses, obtain at least 3 written estimates.

 3 - Hire Good Help Ask for recommendations, interview several contractors, look for  experience, check reviews and references.  

 4 - Get Everything in Writing Insist on a detailed contract with costs for materials and labor   and  get a timeline.

 5 - Prepare for a Mess There will be noise and dust. Cover furniture and hide your   valuables.

 6 - Conduct a Careful Inspection Before & After  It is a good idea to take pictures of rooms prior to the work to   record if anything gets damaged or goes missing. Make sure to   conduct a complete inspection after the work is done before  making the final payment.

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